From Dubai Safari To City Tour – A Memorable Trip To The Desert

How often have you been to Dubai and didn’t have the joy of spending quality time riding through the desert? If that was the case, you should consider yourself unlucky for missing out on such a fantastic opportunity. Never mind, there is always a chance to take the desert ride of your life. At its core, the desert safari has a lot to do with the desert. So, what makes it so attractive and amazing? The answer lies in the fact that you are going to have tremendous amount of nonstop fun for several hours.

Depending upon your stamina, you can even have camel rides and walk on the warm in day and cold at night sands of the desert. Either way, the desert safari will give you no breathing space as the fun is heading your way all the time. The only time you will sit will be at the dinner table, to have a wonderfully tasty BBQ dinner. If you are intending to leave the city soon, you can take a quick Dubai city tour package with friends and family. Here is more on why desert safari and city tour should be included in your tour:

Safari Timings

Usually, you can book a safari tour out of three options. These include morning, evening tour, and the night tour. Depending upon the type of tour you are interested in, you can have it booked on the phone or online. There are several precautions that you will be advised to practice before the tour starts. For instance, you will be asked to stay ready to roll with your luggage and equipment to avoid any inconvenience at the eleventh hour.

Fun Trip To The City

Once you are done with the Dubai safari, it is time to pay a comprehensive visit to the city. Though you can also do it before the safari, it makes more sense to do it once you are done with all the fun activities. Rent your favorite car and hit the road, and don’t forget to hire a driver with the car as well. Doing so will alleviate you from the trouble of driving the car on unknown streets. Also, since the driver knows streets too well and comes from the rent a car service, you need not to worry about accidents or other worries. Enjoy the ride and get up close and personal with the delights of Dubai before leaving.

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