The General Motors Diet – Does It Work?

The chase to lose weight turned General Motors diets popular overnight. Its benefits went viral, but if you are planning to try this diet, it would be helpful to grab a deeper insight by checking out testimonials and reviews from people following the diet.

GM Diet Reviews

As you know, different people would come up with different testimonials and insights related to the GM diet. There are many who support its claims while some state it otherwise. However, it is common people, who have tried and witnessed its effectiveness.

If you carry a small research, you may find many testimonies supporting the GM diet for weight loss Dubai claims:

George (a businessman says):  I am a very busy man and have no time to go for workouts or hit the gym. I knew that I was putting on unwanted weight and decided to shed it. One day, my friend told me about General Motors Diet, and decided to give it a shot. I tried the diet and was surprised to find it so easy and helpful as well. I do not have to fix the time or follow any strict rules and at the end of the 7-day plan, I lost 3.5 kgs. It worked for me and I’ll definitely try it again.

Meanwhile, Jessica adds: I am a housewife and wanted lose all the baby weight that I gained right after my pregnancy. At my doctor suggestions, I tried the Motors diet. Though, I was unsure, I followed it to undertake the doctor’s suggestions. I lost 3 kgs during the diet, but I don’t think I’ll continue it. The hunger pangs are unbearable for me. Anyways, if I feel like trying it again, I’ll think of giving it another shot.

General Motors Diet: Does it Work?

The first and most important question that hits the potential dieters is, “does it actually work?” The good news is, Yes! It does. It would work efficiently for you as long as you understand the concept and principle of the diet. However, dieters should be aware of the side effects that may come along the diet.

In fact, dieters who failed receiving its benefits are the ones who couldn’t stick to its rules and principles. Such people instead of losing weight ended up in gaining more than before. Read more to acquire further information in this regard.

Below given are the side effects that one may experience during the 7-day GM diet plan:

  • Feelings of dehydration and thirst
  • dizziness and headache
  • Suffer from malnutrition
  • Hunger pangs
  • Feelings of weakness