Credentials Your Would-Be Plastic Surgeon Should Have

Choosing your cosmetic surgeon is important as you will be entrusting your body’s aesthetics to his capabilities. Choosing one can be a tricky business as there are a lot of medical professionals that offer the same services.

You may already have a number of prospects on your list, but you can still narrow them down by checking the following:


  1. License to operate establishment

Fly-by-night medical establishments are rampant. These establishments are operating under the radar without permits and papers. Be conscious about this and always look for a cosmetic medical facility or establishment that have complete papers. All cosmetic clinics in Dubai are require to register and acquire business permits. This is to ensure that they are following rules set by the government and they comply with the important requirements set by the state or country.


  1. Certification of medical expertise

A credible plastic surgeon in Dubai is a member of trusted and recognized medical boards, depending on their fields of expertise. It is important for you to know this so you will know if this particular surgeon is capable of the reconstructive cosmetic surgery that you want to undergo to. Do not hesitate to ask your prospective surgeon about this. You can also check his credential online to see what medical organizations he is connected to.


  1. Years of experience in the field

Wealth of experience is important on this kind of profession. A trusted and credible surgeon has completed his fellowship on highly regarded medical institution and was able to handle patients with care and great success.  You can ask potential surgeons about their years of experience and if they are able to handle same cases as you. You can also ask for the possible treatment that you will possibly go through and what are the risk factors.


  1. Trusted and endorsed by clients

Word of mouth is one way to know how a professional conducts his business. In case of surgeons, you can ask his former clients or colleagues on how he handles patients under his wing. It would be best if you can talk to patients with similar case as you so you will have a better idea on the procedures and types of treatment.


  1. Knows in-depth safety medical procedures

Safety is an utmost priority of medical professionals. Your would-be surgeon should know how to handle emergency situations just in case. They should have some standard operating procedures on different medical emergencies that may arise during the surgery.