The various types of wedding cakes and how these can be decorated

One of the most important decisions in life involves choosing a wedding cake. With the plethora of colors, designs, types and shapes of wedding cakes, this decision is surely not one of the easiest. There are individual cakes, traditional wedding cakes, frosted cakes, cupcakes and even those based on flavor. The most popular cakes are white cakes and chocolate cakes.

Chocolate Wedding Cakes
A majority of couples these days like having handcrafted chocolate decorations placed over their wedding cake. These decorations are inclusive of chocolate chips, drizzle, icing or swirls. These are extremely elegant and can have one or more tiers. The fillings that can be used for these custom made cakes Dubai include raspberry, hazelnut, chocolate chips and even cream. To decorate them, bakers generally use flowers, ribbons, silk butterflies and edible rose petals.

Traditional Wedding Cakes
The icings used for traditional wedding cakes are smooth fondant or royal icing. The most popular traditional wedding cake is the fruit cake with a fondant icing and a layer of marzipans under it. However, couples don’t usually use these anymore.

Individual Cakes
Individual cakes are the perfect option for couples that are on a tight budget. The most common ones are square and round cakes. Bakers are known to use sea shell borders, chocolate swirls, polka dots and even stars to create an amazing visual effect. To add that bit of a personal touch, you can write the names of all your guests on top of this cake.

A number of couples now prefer having cupcakes served on their wedding day. These can e served in various colors, shapes and designs. The most famous cupcakes include those with a strawberry topping, mint chocolate cupcakes, ice cream cupcakes, rose cupcakes as well as lace wedding cupcakes. However, you need to order these quite some time before your wedding day. Visit website to place an order right now.

Frosted Cakes
With a huge amount of cream, frosted cakes are extremely popular. People don’t generally like the taste of fondant that is used for making traditional wedding cakes. On the other hand, the taste of frosted cakes is such that every single person just falls in love with it. These are available in a wide variety and range from miniature cakes to a full six-tiered work of art. The icing, size and shape of the cake, theme and number of tiers are all customizable.