Facebook Marketing Hacks to Improve Your Brand Presence

Facebook marketing brought a number of positive results to marketers. Aside from improving sales performance, it also helps on creating a solid brand presence to the target audience.

But it takes more than setting up the page and posting content. Facebook marketing, like other social media campaigns, should be done in a strategic manner to make it work for you. If you are having a hard time with your Facebook marketing, you may want to try these hacks:

  1. Include Website Visitor on your Social Media Targeting

You might think that you got the website visitors on the hook but the truth is, they can be disengaged anytime. Do not let a major fall out by not including the site visitors to your Facebook marketing or retargeting campaign. This would help increase your conversion rates and reintroduce the brand for users who became a cold lead.


  1. Divide the campaign per segment

What most marketers do is running a general campaign targeting all audience at once. Remember that your audience are different. One thing you can try is to segment them and then run a separate campaign for each. This may be a little tedious but you can identify easily what works for a specific audience and gathered a solid data as compared to generalized campaign who might give you vague results. You can also run both general and specific should the company require you to.


  1. Be creative on your call to action

Call to actions are important part of the campaign so you need to create one that would get the attention of your target audience. Focus on the benefits and the unique selling point. On point CTAs can give you a positive click-through rate on your campaign.


  1. Take advantage of the groups

A lot of marketers are taking groups and pages for granted. But in reality, that is one group of target audience waiting to be tapped. So take advantage of the opportunity and get yourself inside the circle of these groups. Once you are in, you can easily get your target audience to either redirect them to your site or visit your social media pages. Groups are also a great way to promote content and it does not cost a thing. Just do it in a very professional manner and do not spam the groups and pages.


  1. Testing is not obsolete

Testing may come as a burden, especially if you are running out of time. But testing copies and photos would give you a clear picture of what the audience want based on their reaction through engagement rate. So make sure you conduct A/B testing on your pages and compare result. This should be done constantly and strategically.

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